Pickup Sticks

The Rivington Cowl cast on at last week’s Spinning Group has made excellent progress – this mainly due to the fact that I could not put it down in order to do something that I ought to have been doing instead. It’s a lovely thing. I began the edging this afternoon.

Rivington, now edging

Rivington, now edging

I was struggling with my bamboo DPN; it’s just a little too long, is now slightly bowed, and makes the task unwieldy. So I gave in to temptation. I bought myself some of these. Now I am whizzing along.


Five sets of 5 needles

Five sets of 5 needles, visible through a clear pane

In a manageable 15cm length and with the usual beautiful finish, these DREAMZ double pointed needles come in a “sock set” and  are colour coded and housed in a lovely wee jacquard case. They bring to mind the old game of pickup sticks.


Neat and tidy... and safe from breakage

Neat and tidy… and safe from breakage

The case is quite impressive. Well stiffened, with a flap that closes with magnetic closures, it includes an internal cloth pocket with velcro fastening.


What’s it got in its pocketses?


Magnetic closures

Magnetic closures


If you find 15 cm needles a little too short, we have a larger set in a 20 cm needle length. The large set boasts a sixth set of needles, offering a 5mm size.

I really must get back to knitting my cardigan soon but I shall be taking the cowl and its edging to spinning group tomorrow, I think.

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