Plastic? Fantastic!

One of the things that I have picked up so far in my reading of The Intentional Spinner is Judith’s advice regarding protecting your precious fibre against insect incursion in thick plastic bags. This goes against all the advice that I have read previously regarding sweating fleece in plastic bags.

I am not sure if I mentioned this previously but when I was organising the new studio I needed to make space and I gained lots of room by deploying some vacuum packing bags. I put all of my fleece stash in, and needed just two bags. I felt not too guilty about that. Nor about my yarn stash in a third bag…  What I did feel guilty about was packing all my prepared fibre into a fourth vacuum bag. I was filled with horror when I did it and had visions of delicate rovings being compressed and  becoming unusable. I was  particularly thinking about the baby camel and silk. Oh, my!

I am here today to tell you that all is fine!

I unpacked my prepared fibres to get some practice material out. I watched the bag expand as I popped the seal… and I watched the fibre expand with it. My plait of BFL is perfectly spinnable still.

I am delighted. (and relieved)

The system works – mothproof, damp and mildew-proof, space-saving… and no harm done,

I shall be buying more vacuum bags, you may rely on that.

The BFL is for trying various drafting methods on Morgana, my Matchless. I also took out some dyed BFL – this I plan to use to refine my worsted drafting on the Traveller. My recent studies show me that my natural tendency to worsted style spinning needs some improvement in order to make a true worsted.

According to Judith MacKenzie true worsted requires: combed top, with staple length 3.5″ or longer, less that 7 crimps per inch, and a short forward draw. The draw that I have settled into is a combination of forward and backward and is perhaps twice the length of the ideal. I am going to practise with a gorgeous blue (Makin’ MIschief) top from Natalie at the Yarn Yard and I am aiming to make a smooth drapeable fine yarn suitable for a lace shawl. In effect, my first ever properly intentional spin.

(If the weather were not so gloomy I would provide photographic evidence of my bouncy fibre. I really must get around to replacing my studio light.)

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  1. Caroline 8th July 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Great news about the vac bags. Have been considering them myself. Will give it a try now. Many thanks for sharing this information.

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