Playing catch up

I admit it – things have been frenetic and we are failing in our desire to communicate here.

The Open Studio came, and it went once more (only to return again at the end of next month). Friday was pretty brilliant, really. Gill and I were joined by Jennifer and we were all visited by an old friend, Lisa. On Saturday and Sunday, Jo joined us too. Jo is our newly-spawned spinner and Lisa was initiated a few years back. It all felt very “right”.

As for Soulka visitors (not previously known to us) we did less well: none on Friday and none on Saturday but on Sunday, Gill did that magic trick whereby she quits the premises and then a shed-load of visitors turn up. On this occasion they poured out of a minibus – all 10 of them!

Saturday coincided with the start of the Tour de Fleece. I was still spinning the end of my Ashford sliver and Jennifer has been carding her fleece all weekend. Gill has been spinning steadily away but… the star of the show was Jo!



Jo’s first skein


Jo joined us at Spinning Group on Thursday 20th June in order to interview us for her work. She was very taken by the spinning and wanted to learn – she wasted no time and was in my studio that same night, for her first lesson. On the Sunday she came back for another go. Last Thursday we took a wheel to Spinning Group for her and she continued. By Saturday, when she came to join us for the Soulka event, she was ready to ply her first skein. On Sunday, she plied her second! We declare Jo to be a natural.

Anyway, please forgive our lapses. As you can see – we have been busy and shall continue to be so for some time to come.

Speaking of being busy – here is a gentle reminder that we plan some site works in the next couple of weeks. Please be prepared for some down time.  Those p&p prices will finally be going up as long-promised but there is still time to nip in quick.

Today we have been putting the place back to a working arrangement instead of an exhibition space. Our next job is one of stock-taking. After that comes site maintenance.

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