If ever I was in doubt as to why I put my cardigan away, the truth of it was in my hands when I woke up today. My fingers and my wrists were very sore indeed. It’s hard labour, even though it is simple knitting.

Progress is rapid all the same. I have reached the point in the pattern where it is time to  make the  pockets – when the side seam is 29cm long. I am confused as to why this measurement is longer in the smaller sizes and shorter in the larger ones. Having tried my cardigan on, I can say two things:

1 – it fits! It actually fits me, very well indeed. I am thrilled about that.

2 – at 29cm, the cardigan has reached the top of my hips and this position is, I feel, far too high to set the pockets.

I plan to knit on for perhaps 7 centimetres more, before setting the pockets. It’s a risk. I may end up with insufficient yarn to knit the cardigan long enough to balance the pockets out. If that looks like being the case, I may neglect to make the pockets.

Feelings about this project are currently very positive. It is making me happy. Long may that continue. I definitely fancy making a handspun version.

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