Progress review

Here we are already – it is the end of September. I would dearly love to be reporting good progress but really September has seen very little knitting – so little in fact that there will be no UFO review or forward plan for October. I am just not ready to move on. More of the same. I’d guess that this will be the case now until the close of the year, but you never know… and there are a couple of other live-ish projects around that may come into play to relieve any monotony.

Valborg – my doily remains on track. At one point in the month I was several days ahead of schedule but I needed to put in 3 rounds today to get back up to date. Current status is 89 rounds done, 72 to go – 29% complete. The plus point is that I can now knit in the round without magic looping. Must find two more stitch markers… Will I stay on track as the rounds lengthen? Feel free to start a book on it.

Kadril – is making pitiful progress and I am less than halfway through the second repeat. What can I say? I could say that my hands cramp badly at this gauge – the needles are fine and the yarn ridiculously so. The real truth is that I have been spinning. Spinning and spinning and spinning. Current status: ongoing, with no end in sight.

Sweater Spin – I filled my third bobbin early this week and made three skeins of 3 ply before going spinning on Thursday. It is a long way from being a sweater yet but I am enjoying the spinning and feeling pretty happy about it. My North Ron roving is not of top quality and the fibres are short but I seem to have developed a long-ish draw that produces a reasonable result. Regrettably, the yarn is not as heavy as I had hoped so an Aran sweater may not be the final outcome. I do believe that some kind of sweater will happen… at some point. I need to wash these first skeins and find the WPI/knit a swatch. Current status: 3 plied skeins plus  half a bobbin of singles on the go. In a good week I think that I can output 3 singles and ply them to yarn. It seems unlikely that the pace can be maintained over several weeks however. We shall see.

Got to dash – there’s Chicken Makhani to make for dinner and a batch of onion bhaji. No, you cannot come round, there’s sufficient for two, no more.

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