Project Review

The 2013 Project Review still has not happened. Nor has the chromatic arrangement of sock yarn scraps, but that’s a whole other story.

I was thinking out loud over at Rav today and have come up with an idea that does not involve tipping everything out and reassessing priorities. I am simply going to make a target of 12 finished UFOs in 2013 and allocate a calendar month in which to concentrate on each. New knitting may occupy the spaces around the UFO-bashing. It is a different kind of discipline and will come hard to me as it does not admit special knits for the Show.

This list may be rearranged from time to time:

  • JANUARY -finish two current shawl projects plus the handspun Aestlight
  • FEBRUARY – complete the edging on the KAL cape
  • MARCH – High Seas scarf
  • APRIL – Kadril scarf
  • MAY – Windswept shawl
  • JUNE – Hannelore
  • JULY – Sugar Plum sweater
  • AUGUST – Jubilee cardigan
  • SEPTEMBER – Pi blanket
  • OCTOBER – Wings of the Dove throw
  • NOVEMBER – Autumn Arbor stole
  • DECEMBER – Evenstar

Blanket works can fill in the gaps – there are still four blankets in progress (sock domino squares, Bamboo hexapuffs, Tunisian crochet, and the Pi)

JANUARY: I have a Flambé to finish, with about 10% of the edging done. Allow 2 days. The Leftie just started is about one third done after 2 days work, so allow 5 to 6 days to finish. The Aestlight is problematical, due to yarn shortage, and requires some maths and some thought but should be finished in two to three days once I work out what to do with it. Once that lot is done I may move on to February’s shawl edging as I shall have to contend with both a short month and the boredom factor.

February, March and April are all achievable with some ease – so long as I concentrate – but both May and June may tax my ability. We shall need another review at mid-year, I reckon. Note that nowhere have I said these projects must be completed in their allotted month, just that I will concentrate on them for that time period. A finish would be good, but I won’t beat myself up or wear myself to a frazzle to be done by the 31st of any month.

There are some large projects in that list and if I complete them all by the year end I shall deserve a medal. I’m aiming for the stars but will settle for the moon. What’s a moon’s worth of finished projects – 8 maybe?

If I can complete all 12 projects this year, I designate 2014 the Year of the Great Stash Bust. Slowly, I move towards a position of spinning my yarns and knitting them as I go. You see, I am 60 this year and SABLE worries me. I do not wish to make a Fibre Will. So, one of the tasks in 2013 will be to assess the stash and to start matching patterns to it.

Do you realise that 2013 has no socks in it? Not.One.Sock.


UPDATE: The Leftie is doing well and has 14 leaves completed. The first ball of MC is all but finished. I’m thinking that the finished Leftie will probably use up three balls, but not go so far as four or it will be too large to wear with ease.


Got to dash.

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