Purple Shawls and Yellow Rain

It’s FO Friday and, guess what? I have an FO!

What I do not have is good light for beauty shots, nor any prospect of such. We have a Yellow Warning of Rain in operation. The Met Office tells us that it is going to tip down all day.

Here is a reprise of yesterday

Orchid Thief blocking

  • Orchid Thief by Ysolda £3.75
  • Knitted in Malabrigo Sock in 808 Violeta africana (440 yards) from Woolstack via eBay £12.99
  • I had 15 gms left over.
  • Blocked and unpinned dimensions: 19″ by 42″
  • Knitted for Ysolda KAL
  • Project notes

A fun fast knit, I made this over three days this week, having cast-on on Monday. The pattern was clear and easily followed and the charts were simple. No patterning on wrong side rows. The edge is knitted in, not added at the end.I used my 40cm Nova straight needles all the way. I love them to bits – the points are great for lace and it makes me very happy to have needles long enough to fit a whole shawl onto. I can knit much faster that way.

If you knit this pattern be sure to pay attention to the instructions for the first row of Section 4. This causes some knitters difficulty. If in doubt, follow the written instruction – I used the written instructions and it was plain sailing. Peace and quiet recommended though, due to the nested repeats.

The yarn was gorgeous and well tempered. It felt like velvet in my hands but is 100% Merino. Would love to use it again but it is honestly out of my price range – this purchase was moderated by the use of a £5 eBay voucher.

A nice triangle, if a little small. Recommended, should you be looking for something small to tuck into a neckline, but don’t expect any extravagant draping.

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