Puzzle Progress

Defying all expectations, there has been puzzle progress!

Mr L suggested that we look at the easiest of today’s release while having our coffee break. He went to make coffee while I cleared the table. I looked once more at the hints for yesterday and was moved to re-study the puzzle that was eluding us. I looked at the final output from the puzzle once more. I pondered it. The hint suggested that the answer was well-known of its type. I shifted my position just slightly on how I was framing my interpretation of the prompt… and bingo! I knew instantly what the answer was. It should have been obvious yesterday, but it was not. Perhaps we were over-puzzled by then.

So, solved for 4 points.

Coffee arrived and we settled to a simple but laborious solve – very straightforward if the correct resource is deployed, but better with two on the job and caffeine in hand. Literally 15 to 20 minutes work. 5 more points.

Tonight we will probably try mopping up previous day’s puzzles, with the aid of the hints given so far.

Currently 43rd of 146 teams on the leader board, out of 225 registered.

But what are we going to do when the coffee runs out?


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