Well, the pre-release puzzles are out for the CISRA puzzle hunt. The hunt proper begins next Monday, so we have a week’s window in which to get a gold award for this set.

I think that we shall need it.

I have just downloaded the set. When I say “just” I mean that the printer is still humming, so I have not had time to formulate any real thoughts yet.

1 puzzle looks as though it may need us to have knowledge of game rules for a game neither of us has ever played. A second puzzle looks very reminiscent of a day 1 puzzle form last year – that one looked really tough but was in actual fact an easy peasey nursery level once the thing clicked, so I am hoping that the same will be true of this one. Another puzzle is in text and looks at first glance to be easy, but it is categorised as HARD so will have more to it than meets the eye. My heart sinks as it looks at the remaining puzzle, which has all the hallmarks of the additional dimension and possibly the need for glue… we hate those puzzles, with a vengeance.

Overall – 1 Easy, 2 Mediums, and 1 Hard.

Can’t say more here or I shall get my team banned!

Still room for two more on the team, if you are interested.

We have agreed not to put too much early effort in; for the last couple of years we have found ourselves suffering from puzzle fatigue and have just stopped before the end, too tired to go on. So, this year we are being strict – no late nights, no long intensive sessions. We are puzzle rationing – and that means no daytime/worktime puzzling. These sheets will sit on my table until we can crack a bottle of wine this evening and settle to an evening of head scratching.

We won’t be doing our usual puzzling-in-bed thing – I am convinced that sitting in bed is making my back worse.

The back is continuing to give me grief. It’s not as bad as it has been in the past but is bad enough to be limiting what I can do and I find myself wondering what I can make for lunch that does not involve standing up.

Between the bad back and the puzzle diet, there may well be time for plenty of knitting progress.

Lara is doing very well indeed. I have completed the first 38 row body chart and begun the second 14 row chart. The second ball of yarn is in use. After the second chart I drop the edge charts and continue, joining the body into a round. I think that there is not a long way to go after that, except for a great deal of iCord…

I forgot to count hexapuffs yesterday. Hang on, I’ll go dig them out from the bedroom… I made 6 last week, total now = 30 and my jar is full. That’s good, a nice number. I plan to string each jarful together as I go, in order to keep things tidy. I don’t plan to join any blanket until the end.

Pictures when I can stand up more easily.

I need a new audiobook today. I got to the end of The Sense of an Ending last night, just as I was putting Lara to bed. Not a book that I enjoyed at all. I think that I shall cue up The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – a book which I have to confess I have not yet mangled to read in its entirety, despite several assaults on its north face.

I’m off now, got to see a man about a bridge.

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