Quick Draw McGraw

I’m back on the learning curve today. A second skein of the Corriedale x Romney was wound from the wheel this morning and now I am trying something new.

I  have carded up some North Ron fleece and pulled it off into a roving. Now I am attempting a woollen spin, with a short forward draw. Every now and again I think that I have got the hang of it and then the fibre breaks and my end goes flying up the orifice. It is like being a beginner again – the cries of exasperation and woe are exactly identical.

The whole process is magnitudes faster than my normal worsted approach. I am not sure that my hands or my brain can get into a high enough gear. I’m using my largest whorl and lots of Scotch tension.

I’m sticking with it. Can’t wait to see what the resulting yarn looks like.

The Ron is odd stuff – quite hairy, but fundamentally warm and squishy-soft (rather than luxurious-soft.) Think teddy bear.

Picture? Um, well there’s not  a lot to see just now…

By the way – that long-awaited reversing ring? I ordered the wrong size. Today is clearly a day for frustration.


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