I know that I need a new project like a hole in the head but I was very taken by a new pattern on Ravelry, for a simple 4 ply shawl. The patten is called Rainstorm and with it’s fan-shaped waveforms is a little reminiscent of my show-stopping High Seas. I really rather like it and I know that I have some nice blue yarn tucked away that would do very nicely. What is more, the pattern is normally priced at £3.50 but is currently free with a voucher code, which you will find on the Ravelry pattern page. There’s a Ravelry KAL too.

I don’t know what is so tempting about it, perhaps it is the rain factor.

Mr L tells me that the rain that we have been experiencing for the last few days is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Maybe it’s Kismet.

Shall I?

Anybody else up for it?

I shall be a good girl and knit on my doily until the responses come in.

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