Ranting Annie

I wrote a blog post earlier, a proper rant about folks who like to get something for nothing. Thank your lucky stars that I never pressed the Publish button. Here I am instead with the happy (for me) news that I have finally fixed a web site glitch that has annoyed the heck out of me for months and that also lost us money every now again.

Computers and Systems seem to be the order of the day today and everything is conspiring to drive me crazy (hence the rant). Microsoft in particular have been getting my goat today. It has all added up to a huge waste of time (if I don’t count that wonderful software fix) and prevented me from painting my new spinning chair.  Boo. Hiss.

The aroma of Danish Oil is finally settling. All the pieces of the Country Spinner 2 are nicely sealed and dried and are laid out in readiness for assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

May I leave you with this soothing Sanday image?

Monday Morning bin run

Monday Morning bin run

Yes, my camera fixation has finally reached the stage where I even take one down to the gate with the rubbish bag before breakfast!  BTW – it may look soothing, but this photograph does not give any hint of the “stiff breeze” this morning – I thought that my bags were going to end up in Fair Isle!

I missed spinning group today but reports say it went well and was well attended. Things do seem to be springing back to life.

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