Red and Grey

Another miserable day today. If there is anything more pathetic looking than a chicken moulting, it must be a Cochin chicken that’s moulting… in the rain. It is easy to spot the dinosaur relationship under such circumstances. I am tempted top knit little chicken sweaters  for the poor dears.

Despite the low light levels I have managed to make progress with this

Red Alpaca DK

Yes, it is a cast on, but it is also part of my UFO clearance as it was started previously. I frogged it before casting on again.

I am making a Lara. So far I have the Right front band made, and also half of the Left Front Band. The red is very cheering in this horrible weather and I am enjoying the knit. I can see my being tempted to see Lara to a finish before I return to less exciting tasks.

I really do need to make headway on the UFO clearance as attention will be turning puzzleward soon. CISRA begins on 1st October, and the first set of puzzles should be released some time before that. The Sydney hunt is now set for October 15th. The Prologue is out and it looks to me like a little research on the Mayan Long Calendar might possibly be useful, though I expect only in the context of the Meta puzzle.

The connection to the Mayan Calendar brings this week in a neat circle as I have been playing Stone puzzles again. I was delighted to find earlier this week that there is an archive of the Abject puzzle site at one of the fan sites. I was actually looking to see if there was any spark of life remaining in Timehunt, a different puzzle site, but it was good to find that we can play The Stone again —  for that was the start of our puzzle history, back when we first shared a home together. I cracked through a few – recalling some of the answers immediately, having to work on some others… and smiling with remembered pleasure at the puzzle about the Mayan Calendar, one of the first that I ever solved

I loved The Stone. I enjoyed the mental exercise, the learning that came with it, and the wonderful community of players supporting each other through the journey. No aggro, no trolls, just warm genuine people with a shared interest. I made friends with players all around the world and spent several very good years beating my brains out against the puzzles.

Mr L and I plan to work our way back through to where we were when the original site died, and then play on to the finish. I recommend it as a pastime. Read more here, maybe I’ll see you online sometime, if you fancy giving your puzzle muscles a run around the block. Beware though – it is addictive. (I’m ulygan when I am over there.)


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  1. Liz H 15th September 2012 at 11:04 am #

    I’m very tempted to join in some of these puzzles. DH and I are both very mathsy, logical people. Trouble is, I wonder if we would get too addicted. I’ll send him some links and see if he likes the idea.

  2. Liz H 19th September 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    He’s up for it! We’ll have a go at CISRA, just for fun, and see how we get on.

    • Beth 20th September 2012 at 11:31 am #

      Great 🙂

      You’ll need to be on a team to be able to check your answers. If you register your own team, the rules preclude us from collaborating but that would not rule out the possibility of offering any previous experience and guidance if needed. OTOH, you are welcome to join our team to allow us fuller discussion.

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