Resolve and Resolution

Something terrible has happened and those of you who have been paying close attention must surely have noticed… that I have three new projects on the go. Three! This is in contravention to The Plan. How did it happen?

  1. There was the Waves of Grain, cast on when I needed a ferry project and with one  eye on the Scarf class in this year’s Show.
  2. There was the Valborg doily, cast on as a vehicle o for testing and reviewing the Karbonz needles.
  3. There is now a Lisianthus shawl, cast on because I was not feeling well and needed a comfort knit.

1 and 2 seem perfectly defensible, 3 maybe less so… but without it I probably would have done no knitting at all  over the least week or more. The trouble is, Lisianthus is going so well and I am enjoying it so much, that I can see it pushing everything to one side. I have every hope that it will make it onto the Show bench.

The thing is… February was sketched out for concentrating on that cape edging and here it is, the 19th day of a short month and…nothing done. And what exactly am I planning to take to Spinning today? Valborg.

I need a quick stiffening of my Resolve to support my Knitting Resolution. Yes, I know that I said that I don’t do Resolutions but, what’s an outline plan made in January, if not that? Those were just weasel words, weren’t they?

Perhaps I shall take the doily today and then come home, make obeisance to the  knitting goddess, and get my cape out for the remainder of the month.


And now, on another long and drawn out matter.  Back in November, I ordered a multi-tiered bean sprouter via eBay from holosfoods. It took its time in coming. I kept checking eBay and the Expected Delivery date kept being moved back (I was being a bit stupid, and wrong, but we’ll not go into that…) I got a little cross. Eventually, one day in January, I contacted them to ask when I might get my item. Mightily shocked, they said it had been sent in timely fashion in November and I really should have had it. They apologised and sent me a new one. After waiting two weeks, I contacted them again and asked when they might be sending it. They said that they had done so immediately after our exchange.

They questioned my PayPal address, and I said it had worked perfectly well for the last seven years. They offered to send another sprouter, but I noted the poor weather and suggested we might wait a few days longer for the replacement to arrive. They ignored me and sent one out anyway and…

…it arrived today.

What’s all this got to do with you, dear reader? Very little, unless you , like me, have wanted a proper bean sprouter instead of a using a jam jar and J cloth for oh-so-many years. The thing is… this matter dragged on for so long that eBay archived my purchase and it is now too late to leave feedback. I just wanted to use a public place in which to thank John of Holos Foods for his cheerful, positive and determined approach to customer service and for providing a Resolution to my problem. He provided exactly the level of customer care that we strive to give to our own customers, and see no reason to expect less of others, yet rarely see.

I am now Resolved to sprout some seeds and beans for salads without delay.

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