REVIEW: Karbonz fixed circulars

A little while ago, trundlebug was lucky enough to win a pair of our KnitPro Fixed Circular needles. We asked her if she would be kind enough to tell us what she thought of them.

Well, now that she has had chance to use them, she has kindly provided her thoughts:

Thanks to managing an entry in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week contest here, I won a long circular 2.25mm Karbonz needle and I’ve been using it for the last month. Beth requested a review for the blog and I’m happy to oblige.

I knit a lot of socks and I usually use wooden needles, (also from Knit Pro), in either dpns or circulars. The warmth of wood and the slight give they have makes for very happy knitting, but I do sometimes find that wooden needles slow me down. I’ve tried metal circular needles and I don’t like the coldness and the general lack of flexibility, although they are a bit faster. There is also the occasional problem of all the stitches swooping off the metal with little warning.

I would say that Karbonz are the best of both worlds. The main part of the needle is smooth, warm to the touch and flexible, so with all the good points of wooden needles. The tips are metal so individual stitches move slickly across between needles, but there is enough friction on the carbon sections to stop everything falling off. As with all the Knit Pro needles I’ve tried, the cable is good quality and the joins between needle and cable are very smooth. I think I’ve been converted to using Karbonz. Thank you to Sanday Spinners for prompting me to try them. I wonder if they’ll make them in different colours in the future?

One other unique selling point of Karbonz are that you get to mention casually in conversation that you are using carbon fibre tools, or is that just me that finds that amusing?

Thank you, trundlebug – we love them too! And, yes, carbon fibre tools are cool.

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