Rhyme, Reason and the Show Season



I’ve been a bit frantic of late.

It was Puzzle week for CISRA this week, Mr L has been on holiday. Suzie had to go to the vet last Monday. Today was the Show. It all adds up to too much to do and far too little time to do it in – and now Griff is very poorly and he too is going to the vet, but we cannot get him there until Monday. I am very much afraid that it will turn out to be a one-way trip. This weekend should be our Open Studio  for  the August Soulka weekend but I am keeping the doors shut. Please accept my apologies, had you intended to visit.  I just cannot cope with visitors and two sick dogs at the same time.

Skeins on SHow

Skeins on Show

On to more heartening things. We had a glorious afternoon for the Show and a lovely time was had by all. I did far better in the Industrial Show than I ought to have done, and Gill and Jennifer also won prizes.  I am so glad that I talked J into entering some skeins, as she took 2nd prize. She will be very surprised when she finds out. I expect that she will be delighted too.

Entrants in the Ewok class...

Entrants in the Ewok class…

I shall let Gill tell you about her own successes. Mine I shall probably take over to WOOL|gathered. For now, I’ll just tot up the score…

  • 1 Special
  • 7 Firsts
  • 2 Seconds
  • 3 Thirds

From 18 entries.

My entries were down this year for several reasons, not least of which was the stubborn refusal of all printers in the house to spit out any decent photo prints. In fact, I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel all round this year and resorted to entering previous years’ failures – some of which managed prizes this year! One of those was a weaving, so that was good. Gill got a prize  for a weaving too.

Best of all was taking a Special prize for Best Knitted Exhibit for a handspun article. Go, hand spinners!

What? Oh, the High Seas, of course. Worth every anguished moment of last minute hard work.


I got very little sleep last night for worrying about Griff. I’m just going to get some photos from the camera, sling a couple in here, then post this and go make some dinner. Then it’s a bath and an early bed with the lappie and a film.

It wouldn't be a Show without the presence of leeks, would it?

It wouldn’t be a Show without the presence of leeks, would it?

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