Riddle Solution and winner

There were six correct entries in the Riddle competition from Knit Crochet Blog Week (Day 5). Congratulations to the following, who were all correct solvers:

  • Anji
  • Laura
  • Liz Hassall
  • Ellen Endebrock
  • Ania
  • Derya Davenport

I put the names into a hat and got Mr L to do the honours. The first name out, and therefore the winner, was Liz Hassall aka trundlebug. Congratulations, Liz.

For those of you who were wondering, the solution is as follows:

My First is in Knit, but is not in Crochet

  • The letters K, N and I do not appear in the word Crochet

(I don’t do the C-thing, two sticks are the way.)

My second’s in one Quincy, but not in the other

  • the link titles should have helped, but you could also visit my projects. One Quincy project was called “OMG – Another Red Quincy” and the other simply “Red Quincy” so we need one of the letters O, M, G, A, T, H

(I cannot help being a Brooklyn Tweed lover!)

My Third fades in Autumn, but glows in the Grey,

  • Same again, look at the project titles “Autumn Light” and “The Grey Light of Dawn” – this time the selection is reversed and  “fades” indicates “not in”, with  “glows” indicating “in” – hence one of the letters E, Y, O, F, D, W

(as Aestlight’s a shawl for all times of the day.)

The Fourth’s in a sleeper yet not in awake

  • Both Pi projects: the sleeping project  is “Comfort Pi-a-la-mode”, the WIP is “A Second Piece of Pi” so the letter needed is in the set M, R, T,  or L

(I’ll Comfort-eat Pi, but I’ll also eat cake)

To find my Fifth, put some Icing on top

We won’t find what we need at Ye Olde Tea Shoppe.

  • The letter we need is in “Never Smile” but not in “Afternoon Tea” = V, S, M, I, or  L

Hannelore’s the lass who is keeping My Last

I think she chilled it ‘neath the Ferns, in the grass.

  • the final letter is in Rusty German Hannelore, but not in Frosted Ferns = U, Y, G, M, A, H, L
  •  Take one letter from each pair of lines in the riddle to spell out a six letter word.

The item you seek is both long and is lace

  • Well, that’s explicit enough!

It comes from a knitter’s most challenging place.

  • Possibly a challenging form of knitting from an ethnic tradition?

My parts are all Projects, my whole is in Q,

  • This line tells us to look for the individual letters in my Ravelry Projects but that the final answer is not a project, though it is Queued

If you un-Ravel the clues, then it’s easy to do.

  •  A final nudge in the direction of Ravelry, if you had not already sussed that out.

 What am I?

Now, the sharp-witted among you will have taken the short route. You don’t need all those letters, as if you look in my Queue… there are only a small handful of lace scarf patterns, and only one of them has just six letters – KADRIL – a lace scarf knitted in the Orenburg tradition.

Liz will be receiving her Kadril just as soon as it has been finished, but not before the Sanday Industrial Show… I purchased the pattern in August 2010, intending to enter a Kadril in the 2011 Show. It did not happen. So I am using this competition as impetus to get the thing into the 2012 event.

Since writing the riddle, I have cast the Kadril on – although I think that I may frog it and begin again, as I believe that I could have done a much better job of picking up from the border.

I am knitting the scarf in some single ply pure alpaca in flannel grey, from Colourmart. I think that it is the finest yarn that I have ever knitted with – it is 1/16 NM. There is a mile of yarn in every 100 grams.

Kadril is my most significant knitting challenge, ever.

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  1. Liz H 5th May 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    Wow! What an amazing prize. Thank you. I’ll be looking out for WIP Wednesday posts to see how it is coming along. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

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