Routine Balance

The problem with spinning is that it is so damn addictive.

I am trying to establish a routine:

  • Morning: Housework and cleaning
  • Afternoon: Spinning
  • Evening: Knitting

Just in an attempt to get everything moving and ensure nothing is neglected. The  theory is fine but I find that if I spin in the afternoons that I automatically sit down at the wheel again after my tea. Jennifer owned up to spinning for six hours on Sunday. I am sure that is longer than is good for a body. Addictive, I tell you.

Anyway, I filled a bobbin over two sessions but only managed a single doily round and nothing on Kadril. I need to try and be more organised/sensible/balanced today.

Most of my morning will be taken up in cooking some red cabbage for lunch. Yummy. This afternoon I’ll continue spinning my first bobbin of the third colour for my 3 ply yarn. Tonight, who knows? I think that we have plans to watch Citizen Kane. It’s a hole in our film education – neither one of us has ever seen it and as it is currently on the BBC iPlayer, we can fill one of the gaps in our agenda to watch the (supposed) 100 greatest films of all time.

In my old life there would be no challenge, I’d simply knit in front of the telly. Now that we have no TV set, it makes things more difficult. We watch films on a laptop in bed and that’s not an ideal situation for charted knitting – especially as Mr L likes to view with the lights out.

I think that I am losing my multi-tasking skillset. I was so much more productive when I was younger. Of course, sitting here bleating about it gets nothing done whatsoever. Excuse me, I have a date with a red cabbage.

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