Saturday Pot Pourri

The weather is a bit grim

It’s October. We thought it would be OK to light a fire.

The stove griddle has rusted and seized.

We’ve not had much luck with that highly expensive stove. It may be time to write it off to a very costly experience and replace it.

On a more positive note – we have Cheese Parcel! I have some onion bread set to rise and a bottle of wine has been selected and dusted off. It’s a no-cook day today.

Today’s parcel contains:

  • Dorset Red – A wonderful smoked red cheese. (The ends of this make a stunning soup with broccoli. Should be along by about Thursday, I expect)
  • Godminster Brie with Peppercorns (mould-ripened and organic, can’t wait to try it)
  • Sharpham Savour – a mixed goat/Jersey cow milk cheese, should be wonderful with chutney, I reckon
  • Beenleigh Blue – a blue ewe’s milk cheese. Another one that I am itching to try

Lara is in the kitchen awaiting her bath. I put the three leaf tassels on the top but left the front ones off for now. I’ll see what she’s like once she’s blocked. I sat here with her on my head last night and she is very cosy indeed.

I moved on… and picked up the Pomatomus sock. After knitting half a chart I began to wonder why I am doing this. I am not feeling the love for Pomatomus. As it was a free pattern and I have no investment, emotional or financial, in this pair, it may well be time to Frog And Forget. I am learning that stubbornly finishing because only because I have started is not going to get me anywhere at all… and just leads to a slightly larger UFO and more anguishing in the future.


Yes. I’ve done the deed. Frogged. UFO count now 22 Getting there by degree.

Now I need to consider how to use two 50g balls of baby blue Cashsoft 4ply.

More High Seas later, I think – then I really must steel myself to that cape edging. It will not knit itself. Rosa mitts on Monday, with a side order of puzzles and a ton of supermarket shopping. Which reminds me, I must go and sort the utility room out and make some space.

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