Seeing Stars

So. I knuckled down. I have the Kadril out and have knitted a little on it. It has now progressed as far as the best of my previous attempts. I shall soon be ahead on this particular silly game. I should be feeling good about it now but I took a look at the instructions. The finished scarf has 9 large star motifs – so far I have done about one third of the first one! Fundamentally, believing that Kadril can be completed by the end of this month is just plain silly.

I honestly do want to make Kadril my main focus and work to its completion but the boredom and frustration factors will be high. We may expect my attention to wander to more interesting areas.

In rather more interesting news – the delayed Silk/Merino Sliver from Ashford arrived today.  One quarter has already been sold. If any remains by the time that Gill comes home and can do the pricing and so on, we’ll get the remainder up in the shop.


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