Where did September go?

Followers will know that the major knitting plan until the end of the year involves doing just one round a day on my Valborg doily, so that I can complete it but still make headway on other projects. I  have done pretty well and kept on overall track despite being a few rows under or over here and there during the past few weeks.

I was feeling pretty good about it as I settled to work yesterday’s round and then…



When? How? I don’t know.

I considered wielding a crochet hook, even though it is a complicated piece. I gave it a go, actually dropping a stitch deliberately to ease the process. Repairing errors like this is not a well-developed skill. I look on in envy at knitters who drop a series of stitches and calmly proceed to knit them back up. I cannot get my head around it.

I stumbled on and got to the point where I wanted to check what I had done against the previous pattern repeat.

I could have screamed. They actually matched *. I had dropped a stitch there too!

So, I began the long process of tinking. The damage goes all the way back to the region of the round shift – and that is precisely 20 rows. Practically all of the work that I have done on this piece in the last month.

Love has been lost. I am at the stage where I am considering ditching my work. I have no life lines (how, at this gauge?) so cannot rip. Carefully tinking 20 rounds in order not to lose any more stitches, well – it’s going to be a long drudge. If I fudge the errors and carry on, it’s never going to be a beautiful piece and I shall always be dissatisfied with it.

If you want me I’ll be in the corner over there, finding solace in a pile of purple fluff.

* Not true, actually. Although there was a dropped stitch, it had been dropped earlier. This meant that the most recent rows were fully closed, with no loose bars to form a ladder that I could easily work up.

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