Shall I, or shan’t I?

The weather is looking pretty miserable today so I think I’ll skip spinning group. I don’t fancy turning up soaking wet and sitting around in damp clothes for two hours. I need to replan my day, and work out what to do about lunch. Usually, when I go spinning, I leave Mr L something to reheat or a simple lunch that he can cook in a few minutes. Today I had some curry sorted out, but there is not enough for two.

Well, the weather may be awful for walking out in, but it looks just perfect for a nice vegetable broth and  soda bread. I may as well be in the kitchen, it is certainly too dark in here to be working on anything that needs care…

…and, well… Cat needs care, as I ended a row last night with the wrong number of stitches and I need to do some careful examination and tinking now. The alternative project on my desk is a very complex grafting job, so that’s out for the moment too. The Cat thing is particularly annoying as I was about to tick off one more chart repeat. It’s a fast knit. Maybe I was going too fast?

Right. I can’t sit here all day, I have to go chop a tunnip.

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