Shrugging it off

The weather changed last evening. The wind got up and the rain began. It was quite a stormy night and a real indicator of the passing of summer. I was feeling a little chilly as I closed the toe on my sock. I simply reached out and shrugged on my new cardigan. In no time at all I was snug and toasty-warm. Not to mention feeling a little smug.

It felt good to reach the end of the day and to know that I had completed not just one but two projects. OK – a sock is only half a project really, but the act of closure does bring a glow with it.

I took a symbolic action last night too – I changed the  status of Kadril to a WIP on Ravelry. In actual fact, I have not yet unearthed it from its resting place – but I have at least acknowledged the intent to do so. For today however, I pan to add some peaks to my Rivington. I have a ferry bag packed with materials for the second Vanessa sock and the third Danima banksiae Mitt, so I think that my needs are more or less covered for Tuesday’s trip to town. Happily both patterns come from the same book, so there is only one volume to carry with me.

I wound both of Hunter’s skeins off last night. There is plenty of the blue to make a whole pair of socks so, as I remember well how much I struggled with the sample pair, I may well ditch the one that is made and make a different pair instead of a third sock. The merino is so lovely and bouncy – perhaps I should use it for another pair of the Vanessa and frog the purple ones.

September begins tomorrow (what, already?) and with it my plan to knit a round a day on my doily. I wonder how long I shall be able to keep that discipline up? Something tells me that as long as I have Kadril facing me, the distraction of the doily will be mighty welcome.

Odd, isn’t it? On the face of it, Kadril is the simple knitting and the doily is far more difficult. Yet the doily behaves, whilst Kadril is a total deliquent.

I’m going to spend some time now in tidying the studio. An influx of unexpected visitors yesterday reminded me that this is essentially a shop and should be kept looking good. I am going to clear my bench. Instead of blocking the cardigan on mats, I am going to array my WIPS so that they are at hand. I’ll get the ironing board out and press the cardigan – I think that I may wear it to town on Tuesday.

I wonder where the ironing board is…

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