Silk Pongee?

I have no idea what silk pongee is, but I am fully acquainted with pongy silk. I think that I shall be intimately associated with the smell for days to come. I dared not spin dry the shawl but I did give it a jolly good squeeze in a large bath sheet. All the same, it seems to want to cling on to its water content as jealously as it can. The thing is sodden and looks like staying that way.

I am away to town tomorrow to get my boobs squished. The Crocus vernus socks will be coming with me. The first leg is ready to receive a heel, so I may come home with a fully formed gusset tomorrow night.

Plans to get the Land Rover tested tomorrow have come to naught as the thing is now stubbornly refusing to start. We had to cancel the MOT appointment and the ferry booking. Mr L also cancelled his day’s holiday and so I am going to town on my own. Spirits are very low – the diagnosis is that the nasty and as yet unidentified rattly noise in the engine has culminated in something breaking. The cure is thought to be a new engine. This is not good news.

What good news do I have? The KAL cape is progressing well and has just 9 rows to go in the body – and only one of those rows is patterned. They are long rows, to be sure, but there is every sign that the edging will be in progress by the weekend.

Spinning Group was cancelled this morning. I had prepared some roving, so I sat and tried to spin it at home. Conclusion being that the Corriedale x Romney has too long a staple for easily spinning woollen. What a mess. Lesson learned.

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  1. Liz H 15th August 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    I’ve just finished a cowl in silk, blocked it and it shows no sign whatsoever of drying any time soon. Glad it isn’t just me.

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