Site Maintenance

The long-promised updates to the site will be happening over the coming 3 or 4 weeks. These include:

  • Software updates to both the shop and the site – so please bear with us if you see any oddities, and do please tell us about them so that they can be fixed without delay
  • Changes to postage charge structures, including some increases in p&p. We held our prices last year and have done the same so far since this year’s increases but we cannot hold off any longer. Sorry, but it is forced upon us.
  • Possible price changes to products to support our new posting charges (it’s always a trade-off)
  • Some new product lines
  • Rationalisation of the way that we present some products to you. This means making changes to our Product Category structure and you may find that the site navigation changes from the structure that you are used to. We are not doing this for no purpose however and firmly believe that ultimately we shall make the site easier to navigate for all customers.

Please expect site availability to be up and down. We’ll try not to be offline for any length of time at a stretch and will usually put up a page telling you when we expect to be back on line.

If you need to make an order while we are offline, you can always email us, Skype, or telephone (in that preferred order).

It may be rash to attempt all this time at the same time as we are Tour de Fleecing, but, you know, we are Superwomen when all is said and done.  (Oh, how we wish!)

And talking of fleeces, Gill’s flock will be sheared in mid July, so look out for new fleeces on line shortly after that. (The 2012 ones will be a little cheaper as well.)

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