Travel & Accommodation

If you book a spinning course with us we want you to be aware of the need to insure your holiday. Sanday Spinners can not be responsible for disruptions to your travel plans. If poor weather should occur and you are unable, through cancellation of flights or ferries, to reach Sanday for your course — we will cheerfully refund any deposit made for the course. However, any accommodation arrangements that you have made are not directly connected with Sanday Spinners and you will need to ascertain your financial committments with your provider. Travel tickets are subject to the same provision.

Please, re-read that last paragraph. We want you to be absolutely clear that we can not help you with travel disasters, no matter how much we would like to.

Learning to Spin

We plan that everybody attending a beginners spinning course will go home with at least one small skein of their own handspun wool.

We cannot guarantee that this will happen.

Although we have not yet failed to meet our goal, we do hope that you will understand that your success is in part dependent on your own aptitude and motor skills. In the short time that we have together it is just possible that your skills might not be brought up to speed.

What we can promise is that you will receive a good foundation and that if you keep on practising after you leave us, those skills will develop… at your own pace.

Think of learning to spin as being like learning to drive (there are many similarities) – some people take to it instantly and pass their test first time after only a few lessons, whereas for others it may take many months of lessons and many attempts at the test before they are successful. On the bright side – we think that learning to spin is much faster than learning to drive. Not only that, there are no exams or tests of competence! As you will hear at your course… there are no spinning police!