KnitPro Delivery Charges

We held our postal prices in 2012, but are no longer able to do so. Royal Mail 2013 pricing increases and restructuring have caused some changes in our approach to posting and packing charges.  Small KnitPro packets will now cost £1.30 for orders of less than £27.50. Spend £27.50 or more on  KnitPro items (excluding orders which include straight knitting needles), and we will post your order for free. See below  for special rates on straight needles.

Straight Knitting Needles

  • The length of straight knitting needles forces packets into a higher price band – and we are charged heftily by the Post Office to send these out.
  • We post straight knitting needles in sturdy cardboard mailing tubes. These tubes carry a cost overhead.
  • Previously we carried some of the extra costs of p&p on the knitting needles themselves. This is unfair to customers purchasing multiple pairs at the same time.

We are now clarifying the actual cost of postage when buying straight knitting needles. The price of the needles has been adjusted downwards. You will now be paying only once for the packaging, even if buying many pairs of needles. We believe that a dozen pairs of needles will travel safely in one of our tubes (caveat: this does not apply to the birchwood “broomsticks”.)

The cost to us of the postage plus the packaging is well over £6. We are passing only some of this on to you. The good news is that multiple pairs cost no more to post – we can send a kilo of needles for the same price as one pair.

Orders including straight knitting needles will cost £4.00 to post, for orders up to £34.99. Spend £35 or more with us, and we will pay the postage for you.