Socks Are Easy

This is an early warning kind of post. We are about to run a series of articles on knitting socks from your handspun yarn. They are aimed  both at taking fear out of the mysterious art of sock-making for the novitiate, and to offer constructive advice to established sock knitters who don’t quite know how to go about making some from scratch from some non-conforming handspun. In short, we hope that these pages will hold something for everyone.

We encourage experienced handspun sock-knitters to chip in with their own hints and tips.

If you are new to all of this, you are welcome to knit along with us.

We would love it if you shared your pictures of YIPs, SIPs and FSOs. Want a Flickr Group for that? Feel free to share both angst and pride as well. You can do that here, why inflict it on non-spinners…

Gill is getting into her blog stride again (hope she is practising to flex a few writing muscles over here too)  and has revealed that she is already swatching for her socks. Swatching will be an early topic! Me, I have identified my yarn but not even wound it yet. Selecting or spinning your yarn will be an even earlier topic than swatching 🙂

Hopefully this post will give readers sufficient time to begin planning their socks before the first article appears. Gill and I will be colluding on that today, so it should be appearing soon.

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