Some projects speak louder than others

It seems that I am incapable of change. I try hard to deal with the many several completion issues to be found in the array of baskets, tubs and project bags scattered about the studio but I seemingly find it impossible to resist the lure of the new or novel…

Picture my desk, if you will. To the left of my keyboard lies my KAL cape, mid-row. I had been getting on very well with it, passing the 60% mark and was yesterday looking forward to a rapid finish. Before me, lying alongside the keyboard, lies a recently cast-on project, a High Seas in hand spun yarn. It progressed halfway through the first chart iteration before the need to make progress on the KAL cape asserted itself earlier this week. On the right of my mouse pad is a ball of yarn waiting to be cast on for a sock KAL that completes at the end of this month.

Spoilt for choice? Indeed.

Yet, what do we find in my hands?

Chart A: 7 of 9 repeats done

Since I saw the Glaciers are Melting shawl this morning it began clamouring. Within minutes of writing about it, I found that I had purchased the pattern. I turned to the carding bin and… then I thought to myself… “I know what else this would look fantastic in!” and I grabbed a cone of raw silk DK.

I would like to airily claim that I just cast it on and got stuck in. In fact, I really had to work at it. It took almost two hours before I was under way. The pattern requires a beginning with Judy’s Magic Cast On…. done purlwise. This is a measure of how loudly the shawl was calling to me. I did not give up.

It was finally effected, though heaven only knows how. It was certainly challenging! The shawl is making good progress and is going to look wonderful. It is quick and it is easy and it seems to be very satisfying (for now; who knows what will come along tomorrow and shout at me even more loudly?)

It is probably best if I just let this fever run its course. I’ll return to the fluffy white cape when my Glaciers is finished. The High Seas is non-essential and can linger on for months yet.

2 Responses to “Some projects speak louder than others”

  1. Manuèle Ducret 9th August 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    Well I LOVE it in this colour already. In raw silk, hmmm.
    I hope the reward will make the effort worthwhile.
    (apologizes for stalking you from your project in ravelry, but I am so happy this patterns is finally taking flight…)

    • Beth 10th August 2012 at 9:50 am #

      I love it too, and you are more than welcome here, Manuèle.

      My problems only arose because I have major difficulties with spatial reasoning and following diagrams. Once I’d jumped that hoop all was well. I completed Chart A yesterday and would be looking forward to B today were it not for waking up with a migraine.

      The silk is working beautifully – it has nice heft and drape. I am definitely viewing this one as a keeper.

      Good luck with the pattern – I do hope that the Yarn Harlot Effect works for you, even if she is not knitting it herself thousands of readers must have seen the example noted in her blog.

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