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I missed Knit & Natter today. Going to Kirkwall frequently results in my having a migraine and so it was today. I was up and vertical but not feeling very well at all. Eventually I gave in and put my head down. I’m back now and feeling less fragile.

Yesterday was quite fun, in a way. It seemed as though everybody was on the boat and it was a very social occasion. I cast on a pair of fingerless gloves for Gill, while she worked on a pair of the same that she is planning on gifting for Christmas. Fenella joined us for a chat and was telling us about her progress on her Rams and Yowes blanket. I tried not to be envious as I really have desperately wanted to make this since the day that it was published. I really must get a move on and spin the yarn for it.

I had mixed fortunes with my shopping. I was mainly shopping with a view to feeding Mr & Mrs Gill on Saturday – Mr L and I are back in town on Monday and will be shopping after his hospital appointment. I went back to Wool and Wine (of course!) and obtained further cheese supplies, garlic-stuffed olives, and some Wynad black peppercorns (half price – score!) While I was there, I slipped  a bottle of Amontillado into my basket. Olives without sherry? Unthinkable!

Shearer’s provided me with a nice large baking dish for the lasagne – Tesco contributed Amaretto and Mascarpone for the Tiramisu and a large disappointment on the salad front.

I landed back at the ferry waiting room at 1pm. For the 15:20 ferry. At least I had my knitting.

Pauline S joined us on the return leg and she too was early for the boat. We chatted in the waiting room and she told me the horror tale about her Fugue tam. She has been working on that hat painstakingly for months. It was looking fantastic last time I saw it. It had reached the crown shaping and… she frogged it!! I think that, had it been me, I would have had a nervous breakdown. Pauline says she will not be defeated however and will cast it on again. Oh, my.

After tea, I came to my computer and read my feeds and I saw this post from Kate Davies about her new book. I thought of Fenella, and I thought of Pauline and of myself and Gill and Jean and Joanna and all the other Kate Davies fans on the island and I took a big step…

I have emailed Kate to see if Sanday Spinners might retail Colours of Shetland.

Keep your knitting fingers crossed.

Today I have been working on the Flambé shawl. Tomorrow is for cooking – I’m starting my ciabatta and will make the sauce for the lasagne. I’ll try to find time to do an FO post on the Uhlan cap too.

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