Soulka Fun

Yesterday was fun. Not unexpectedly, we had no visitors during the official Soulka hours, but late afternoon saw an influx. Two ladies called in and were very interested in learning about the spinning. I showed them the basics of the woollen and worsted draws and we had a look at hand-painted rovings and a long chat about the Industrial Show. They were both very keen on my grey Hap and thought that it should have been placed. They liked the red swirly thing too…

Very shortly after the two ladies left, Gill’s visiting extended family dropped in. They were very outgoing and chatty and, of course, knowledgeable. Owl hats proved popular – one was sold and another commissioned. I am to use the North Ron skeins. I’m looking forward to that project! We shall have to begin the search for button eyes asap.

The early hours of Saturday morning burdened me with an inspiration – and that inspiration saw me casting on a new project in the quiet hours of the Soulka opening. It’s madness! The last thing  that I need is a new project – and this is a big one, about 800 metres. I really wanted to return to my completion strategy after Hunter’s samples are finished (yes, the second mitt still lacks a thumb – I’ll do that this evening.) However, when Inspiration visits, she is hard to resist. I purchased new needles from stock and I cast on next year’s entry for “Item knitted from handspun.”

Maybe I should get a life.

Inspiration visited again during the early hours of today (I blame the cheese we had for supper) but luckily this inspiration had absolutely nothing to do with any form of fibre or fibrecraft. This is good, as I have also determined a desire to spin a sweater’s worth of yarn. I liked the North Ron so much that I want a woollie pullie from it. That will be a Big Spin, unless I go crazy on the weight loss front – and that’s as likely as… snow in July.

Anyway – let us hope for some sun or good light this week – I want to be out and about with my camera.

The sign is out again today. It is past 11am and no sign of visitors yet.


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