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It’s been far too long since I wrote anything here. I’ve been meaning to write something about the Shetland shawl that I’m knitting, but hadn’t taken a photo of it. Well, now I have.

Progress on the edging for the first side of the shawl.

Progress on the edging for the first side of the shawl.

It shows off the Knit Pro Symfonie needles nicely, doesn’t it. 🙂

I’m knitting this shawl from handspun from my white Shetland ewe. She always gives a lovely fleece and in the past I’ve sold her fleece, but last year I put my name on it and started spinning it. It’s beautifully soft, and I’ve been drumcarding it in the grease to gain the full advantage of it.

The diamond knitted up quite quickly, and then I started on the border. I’m of the opinion that if you don’t know how far to go on a knitting project, then you can’t get depressed by how little you’ve done, so I avoid Beth’s method of calculating numbers of stitches etc.

It’s an old pattern that I’m using – “A P&B Classic Shawl”, and on top of that, the pattern states that “This Shetland design has been on the P&B range for well over sixty years”! So, a very old pattern. You knit one border first, then knit the edging on to that before starting on the second side and so on. I’m still on the first side. 🙂

The edging is a satisfyingly quick pattern repeat (10 rows), although if I were the stiches-counting type of girl, I’d be depressed that each repeat only uses 5 stitches of the border. But as I’m not, I can be pleased every time I finish a peak.

Although I’m spinning slightly thinner than my normal yarn, it’s still gong to be a fairly substantial shawl, but that’s no disadvantage. There’s nothing like sitting down on a winter’s evening with a shawl happed round your shoulders. My current choice is this one that Beth knitted a few years ago.

Bridgewater shawl, knitted by Beth.

Bridgewater shawl, knitted by Beth.

I’m looking forward to being able to use mine as an alternative.

I was also encouraged to see a photo, taken on Lewis in the 1950’s, which showed a woman wearing a shawl at least as thick as the one I’m knitting – and with a very similar pattern as well.

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