Splice the mainbrace!

Gill may be battening down the hatches but I am giving the order to settle in and enjoy the storm. We are actually out of rum, so the order can not be followed in full but I do know where there is a bottle of Talisker Storm to hand. Actually, had there been rum handy, I might have spliced the frosting for the Mississippi Mud Cake that I made for this afternoon’s spinning group. As group is cancelled, in order to keep all spinners safe and warm at home, Mr L and I are going to have to do a manful job on the cake . I know he would have liked a little dash of rum in the cake.

So, what to do with myself? Firstly: ice the cake! Secondly: wind some yarn into cakes. I may catch up on Masterchef while I wind, if the power supply holds up long enough.  Thirdly: pour the whisky when the appropriate hour arrives.

I shall keep this brief, Dreamhost are dragging their heels today. Keep warm, dry and safe, everyone.

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