Spot the Difference

Lara: Spot the Difference

There are no points for recognising that my version is (a) red (b) poorly knitted.

So. I pushed myself and I knitted iCord for what seemed like two days but was apparently just the one. I finished the back edge and then attached the front edge. I sweated blood over it and I anguished about the poor job that I was making of it. BUT I did it and I finished.

I went to update my Ravelry notes and I wrote: “Edgings completed, just the tassels to do now.” That was when something began to niggle.

How are the tassels done, I asked myself and, I don’t recall seeing instructions for the front ones, only the back tassel, I continued. Odd.

It would be easy to blame the pattern and to say how poorly laid out the Finishing section is and how my eyes had trouble following a line and kept dancing about… but I fear that the real culprit was just my loathing of iCord edgings. I wanted it done and I rushed it. End of.

Apparently, I should have done the back edge, then cast on and knitted 4″ of iCord before attaching to the front, finishing at the far end with an additional 4″ of iCord.

Now, the thing is, what to do about it? The options as I see them are as follows, but please do add any that I have failed to think of…

  1. Make the front tassels separately, and sew them on
  2. Unpick the ends of the front edge and either pick up stitches or
  3. graft on some separately made tassels
  4. Unpick the whole front edge and do it again properly
  5. Maintain the position that I left the front tassels off purposely as they are wholly impractical in an Orkney wind and I would be chewing on alpaca leaves all winter long. After all, the reason that I wear hats is to stop me from chewing on my hair when the wind blows.

Advice, please.

Bear in mind that although I have no issues with iCord per se, I do not enjoy attaching an iCord edge.

BTW, I may be nitpicking here but when I look at the image from the pattern page… it does seem to me that a degree of fudging went on with the original sample?


3 Responses to “Spot the Difference”

  1. Karin 12th October 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    I would go with number 5! Tassels in an Orkney winter wind are only any good if you can tie them under your chin, and then you wouldn’t want bobbels on the end!

  2. Liz H 12th October 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    I prefer it without tassels.

  3. Beth 12th October 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    OK, it is agreed, I am taking the Wind Defence… not to mention that fact that I decided a woman of my advanced years might benefit from the absence of dangling leaves.

    There are three leaves on the back – I like those.

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