Start Spinning with Maggie Casey and Eunny Jang

I was remiss in not reviewing this video first, it would have been more logical that way…



…but it was not the order in which I watched them. I confess that this purchase was intended to help me become a better teacher of beginner spinners. However, I am always cognisant of the fact that we all of us benefit from revisiting first principles once in a while. There’s always something there, something we missed or were unable to comprehend first or second time around.

Maggie Casey is not  the Visiting Lecturer, nor is she the Masterclass Tutor or the Village Schoolmistress…. she is your Favourite Spinning Auntie. Maybe not a real Aunt. More likely a Godmother you’ve always called Auntie. She was probably one of Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmothers – and taught her to spin in the first place. I can imagine that it would be a delight whenever she comes to visit — but an absolute enchantment to be invited round for tea and a little spinning lesson.

This video is very slow in pace… practically soporific, with gentle guitar in the background. It’s Zen Spinning.

Eunny Jang plays along as the beginner spinner, though I think we would all agree that this can not have been the first time that she got her hands on a wheel 🙂 She asks all the questions anyway.

Would I recommend it to a beginner? Only to consolidate a face-to-face lesson and to review learning-to-date. If a potential spinner genuinely cannot find a teacher of any sort, then it will certainly support any spinning books and help to visualise the content but I do believe that sitting with another spinner will always be the best way to learn.

It is not Maggie’s fault, but a video must be second best. How wonderful to sit and learn with her in person though! I cannot imagine ever becoming fraught with Maggie at hand. She has a way of explaining all that you need to know very simply, in a concise and clear way. There are “aha!” moments in this video for any beginner/improver.

A bit pricey, so worth waiting for a sale to come around if you are not in a hurry

$29.95 in download version

Run Time: 2hrs 23 minutes

I have more Maggie Casey to come soon – in fact, one of her videos arrived only yesterday. I have it queued for some quiet time (after the secret knitting is completed, I think.)

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