We are still here!

Just a brief post to prove that we are still alive and kicking.

After considerable to-ing and fro-ing last week (quite literally) I began a course of beta blockers in an attempt to curb my tachycardia and palpitations. It was a difficult few days as I adjusted and nausea, tiredness and lethargy took their toll. Then my back went into spasm. All in all, little has been done. The Rivington Cowl was at last completed on my third trip to town last week.

My back is still troublesome  and this is a real problem, with the Christmas Fair being tomorrow.  I have done what I can, and Gill and I will do more work this afternoon. The site needs work – recent updates seem to have caused some conflicts and all manner of oddities are happening. Please bear with us if anything appears broken, we are getting to it by degrees and can always take orders by email to admin at sandayspinners. Don’t hesitate to Skype either.

On the news front – we have packages from both Ashford and World of Wool and there will be blog posts and new products soon. I shall be starting with a review of the Ashford Blending Board – look out for this early in the coming week. This image is a taster…

Fresh from the blending board

Fresh from the blending board


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