The plants that I ordered have arrived.

They are something of a disappointment. You know how normally when you get plants by post that they are teeny tiny things, much less well grown than you had expected and undersized for the vision that you had when the description said “x inch pots” ? Yes, well, that would have been great, actually… I was planning on planting six wee succulents in one tray and making a little centrepiece indoor garden.

In the event, what we have here are six well-grown plants that are bursting out of their pots and in need of re-potting. Several are rotting off at the base. None of them are as colourful as the listing photograph suggested. They are all a bit pale and wan. But I expect that I would be too, had I just travelled up to Orkney from Penzance in a dark box and swaddled in wet newspaper. I would certainly be less than happy, wouldn’t you?

However, three are in flower and a fourth has multiple rosettes. All are sturdy enough to survive the journey and my not so tender ministrations. I think/hope.

They are all Echevarias and if I recall correctly, can be propagated by removing an offset (baby plant) or a leaf and planting it up in a fresh pot. (The leaves need to be left to callous before replanting.) I may just use that backup plan and take cuttings from all of them. Probably multiple cuttings, just to be on the safe side. I have never been a gifted gardener.

I need to think up a new decorative plan. I also need pots and compost but have no prospect of going to town now that the Land Rover’s MOT has run out.

I also need to nurture these babies, I’ve popped them in the conservatory for a litle sunbathing. Hopefully they will have a better colour in a couple of day’s time. So long as the cats don’t nibble on them, that is.

I now need to rid the studio of the slugs and woodlice that fell from the wrappings… slugs are a further indication that these plants have been over-watered. I’d really expect a properly planted Echevaria pot to be a hostile environment for slugs but the all-purpose compost was very moist and with no sign of grit or gravel added.

I’ll get photos and post this later. For now I need to head off to the recycle shop, then block my Long Leaves scarf.

Unfortunately, we have still not made it to the recycle shop and my junk is still littering the conservatory. We have been slightly sidetracked by the search for a wireless scanning facility, and Mr L’s nasty headache. The scarf is blocking but I got camera shake on the photographs. I’ll try again later.

I’ve cleared some of the detritus from the new plants too…

They will feel much better for that.

Narcissus socks and Rhodocrosite scarf are both off the blockers. Yesterday’s yarn is dry and twisted up. I even spun about an ounce of roving last night.

Progress on all most fronts! I need the blocking completed in order to get the needle felting out on the table. And I still need to full that Kindle pouch.

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