I woke this morning to two surprises. The first surprise was that I was in full viral mode. Having been dragging myself around since Monday morning, battling as I thought some kind of bug, I became convinced yesterday that I had successfully fought it off. The weariness was less, the aches in my joints had reduced. Alas no, today I am coughing, spluttering and sneezing my head off. I have had to resort to kitchen roll for blowing my nose.

I am annoyed.

To take the edge off it, my beloved DH produced a parcel when Norma the postie had been. He said “it’s for you…” and I looked at it doubtfully – since my pocket money was stopped I have not been able to buy anything much at all, so I knew it was not for me. A secure delivery from Amazon? No way had I bought that!

Having received a non-household windfall, he’s bought me a smartphone – whatever one of those is – apparently it takes good photos and I can play with Instagram. My head is not up to sorting it out today but I look forward to getting to know my new technology soon.

It’s quite timely as I was needing to speak with Gill about our phone anyway. The Sanday Spinner’s phone is actually mine. Mr L and I won it in a competition but we do not care to use a mobile phone for personal use. Historically we have taken it out when away from home in case of need to call the RAC etc. but we would never have dreamed of making a call on it in the ordinary way of things. Since we came to Orkney I have found it useful to take to town with me so that I can call home if the boat is delayed and so on.  It was however fundamentally unused and so I made it available to Sanday Spinners. It carries a Pay as You Go card and serves well, plugged in on my desk, to give us a line as  BT cannot supply one for the business. The problem comes when I have to use it to phone people back – Pay as You Go is now hideously expensive for calls and Mr L is getting twitchy about the rate at which his top ups are being used. (It’s not on the pay-off-the-mortgage plan.)

As I am now in the entirely crazy position of being somebody who refuses to carry  a mobile phone but now actually owns not just one but two of them, I shall fully donate my old one to the business and we can seek a suitable contract.

I am told that the added benefit of having a smartphone is that I shall be able to access the Internet when I am away from home. I’m intrigued. Why would I want to do that? Maybe during a puzzle week if I solved a puzzle on the boat and wanted to enter the answer asap… but I doubt it. Ah, perhaps when the ferries are disrupted and I need to check the boat time home? Well, I can call in at the office to do that. I can’t think of what matter might not wait until I am back home at my desk.

No, it beats me, but I now have one of these thingies and must not look the gift horse in the mouth. And, hey … Instagram!

If you want me, I shall be spending much of today (a) avoiding doing much at all or (b) knitting a sleeve for my new phone.

Kadril is two rows short of the first complete chart iteration. Maybe I’ll try the new camera phone out on it later. If I can stop sneezing. I’ll need to rid my bench of all this flour  before I can do any photos – maybe I’ll just sneeze at it and it will vanish.

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