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Knitting into the New Year


Well, 2016 has started the way that 2015 ended. Wet and windy. I finally finished my replacement fingerless mitten a few weeks ago, and it has already proved its worth, the restored pair keeping my hands warm through this cold weather. I’ve started knitting a second pair. The Shawl has certainly come up to expectations […]

This ‘n’ that


Well, the sheep have settled into their new routines. Dotty still expects to eat her food out of the bucket, but that’s easier now there’s not a full-grown ewe trying to get her head into the bucket as well. The moorit Shetland still comes across to the fence to be fed there, but that’s more […]

Hello Stranger


Well it’s been far too long since I wrote anything here. What did I last write about? Oh, the weaving demonstration – that was ages ago! What’s been happening since then… Well, my Shetland shawl has made some progress. I finally finished off the last few peaks on the second side. I took it to […]

On the knitting front…


I knitted some more of my Shetland shawl at spinning on Monday. I finished the second border and am now ready to do the edging for the second side. I’ve almost finished my second sock  – just a plain pair of socks in purplish self-patterning yarn. I like knitting plain socks as they’re something that […]

The Pi Shawl


My Pi shawl now has a Ravelry page. I took it with me yesterday when I was keyholding at the pool. To explain (if I haven’t before). Keyholders of the community wing at the school (I’m keyholder for the spinning group) are also on a rota for keyholding the sessions at the local swimming pool […]

Knitting musings


I always used to be a ‘one project at a time’ knitter. As my Ravelry page says: Some of my knitting projects carry on for years! I’m hoping to improve on that. However, since moving to Sanday I have been led astray from what I would have called the straight and narrow of finishing one […]

Show and Tell


I didn’t enter much in the show this year, just four sheep and five items in the Industrial Show. We gathered the sheep in the day before the show and, having decided which ones were going, put the rest back out and trimmed the ewes that were going in the “Any Other Breed of Sheep […]

I’m not sure what to say…


The cape edging makes progress and there  are now 85 completed points.  I shoudl be making happy, positive and joyful noises. Instead, I am going “oooh… I don’t like the look of the size of that ball…” Yes, it would seem that a Yarn Crisis is imminent. I would console myself by  toasting  a crumpet, […]

The Gentle Art of Blogging


I like reading Blogs. I have a favourite five: This one, Beth’s Daily Loaf, the Yarnharlot, Liz’s Mostly Knitting, Kate Davies and Katie’s The view from the Hill. I have these on RSS feed and am always disappointed if nothing’s been written. That being said, blogs don’t write themselves and I shouldn’t be leaving all […]

Something different


The other day I made a discovery – or rather a rediscovery. In the box that contains the jumbo flyer for my Wee Peggy, I found around 10 skeins of 3ply Texel (or maybe Suffolk) yarn that I’d spun 10-15 years ago. What to do with it I thought… Then I remembered a few years […]

Vurtue et Industria


I went spinning yesterday. Nothing unusual about that, I hear you say, Tuesday is spinning day. Well, this Tuesday we’d been evicted fro the community room as it’s being redecorated and were meeting over at Heilsa Fjold; I’d been given the key as the manager was in Kirkwall that day. We have two Land Rovers […]