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On the knitting front…


I knitted some more of my Shetland shawl at spinning on Monday. I finished the second border and am now ready to do the edging for the second side. I’ve almost finished my second sock  – just a plain pair of socks in purplish self-patterning yarn. I like knitting plain socks as they’re something that […]

Sole Comfort


This knitter is not feeling up to par at the moment. No boring or yukky details. let’s just say that I am off colour, the weather is bleak, and I am in need of a little comfort and cheer.  I hate getting up in the darkness too. So, sitting there in the deep gloom of a […]

What’s afoot?


Mr L’s Christmas Socks were grafted around 6pm on Christmas Day, and presented to him within moments. Gratefully received, I am happy to say. This leaves me in need of a Ferry Project once more. January is for UFO completion and I intend to see how much I can get off my needles during the […]

A small obsession


These are the Vanessa antiopa socks that I took out on Monday as my ferry knitting. The yarn is Lochan from The Yarn Yard, a 50/50 blend of Merino and Tencel. One of my favourite yarns of all time. I think this was probably my final skein of Lochan and I shall miss it very […]

The toe up sock begins

Gill’s sock progress


My socks are fairly organic. After discussions with Beth, I drew the ‘knitting from the toe up’ straw (or should that be needle), something that I’ve not done before, so – nothing ventured, nothing gained – I dived straight in. I had knitted a tension square – something I’ve not done in a long while […]

Sock Serenity


Sock Serenity can at last be yours! The first article in our sock series  is now available here. The introduction and series index may be found here. Join us as we knit our handspun socks and debunk a few knitting myths along the way. Gill has already started on hers. Mine are behind schedule, due […]

Socks Are Easy


This is an early warning kind of post. We are about to run a series of articles on knitting socks from your handspun yarn. They are aimed  both at taking fear out of the mysterious art of sock-making for the novitiate, and to offer constructive advice to established sock knitters who don’t quite know how […]