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Spinning Tuesday


It’s been a beautiful sunny day here again today. Ten of us gathered for spinning in the community room, with the usual cake provided by Janet and Jean – many thanks. This afternoon I took advantage of the weather to do some tidying up outside, clearing some old silage covers from around the old silage […]

Spring is Finally Springing!


The daffodils are out, the sun is out and I have been planting some Rosa Rugosa that a neighbour gave us. We have been swapping plants, labour and hardcore this week, plus they gave me a lovely meal. The gooseberries are pruned – well most of them. It should be easier to pick any that […]

Sheepdog Training


I spent an inspiring hour with Fenella this afternoon, training Tan. I arrived at her place just before she returned, so talked to one of her sheepdogs until the hail became too severe and he sensibly went into his kennel! Fenella then arrived and we talked dogs whilst we drank tea and waited for the […]

Well, it

The Finished Back


The back of the waistcoat was finished last night, and I wondered what would be the best back-drop for a photo. Having just run the hoover over it, Tan’s Vetbed sprang to mind, so I spread the back on the Vetbed… Then she got comfortable! We negotiated – i.e. she had a cuddle, then I […]

Good dogs

A Walk on the Beach


Friday’s weather was too good to waste and I had an extremely muddy dog to get clean, so after lunch Jean and I met at Backaskaill beach for a walk along the sand. Thanks to Jean for the photos. We had also hoped to find some old containers at the high water line that could […]

Gathering the sheep


The sheep had to be vaccinated on Thursday, so I got the pen ready and took Tan in to the field to gather the hoggs (last year’s lambs) ready for Fenella’s arrival. She was coming with her dogs to help getting the pregnant ewes in – Tan is a bit boisterous to trust with the […]

It’s been a while


Things have been busy up here. The sheep all eventually had lambs – a total of seven lambs (three of them boys) out of five sheep. The boys were duly ringed and will be kept for at least a year to get a fleece off them. We have a new addition, Tan, a three-year-old working […]