That not-so-cunning plan

We are having a day out tomorrow. The car was already booked on the ferry, in order to take Griff to the vet. Sadly there is no longer any need to visit the vet. We do however need a displacement activity and so we are going to take Suzie and Nell to mainland Orkney to see what new smells (and geocaches) we can unearth. There will be physical activity,  picnic activity, and camera work.

So. I need some ferry knitting. I looked at the planning that I did yesterday and quickly realised that none of it is ferry knitting! I could cope with Valborg  if (a) I was on my own and (b) I could guarantee being on the Varagen and in the cafeteria – otherwise, it’s impossible.

What to do? Socks? Hunter is having a KAL for her new book. Maybe I could join that. I quite want to begin a Catkin, so I could do that. On balance, I’m rather strung out and tired right now, so socks may be the best option. I think I’ll do these, in this. I’ll just go wind  a ball…

The KAL for these socks is completed, but I like them better than either KAL 2 or KAL 3, in all honesty.

Early night tonight! The ferry leaves at 08:00. At least we don’t have to sit up until midnight in order to empty Griff’s bladder. We shall miss him and we are very sad, but opportunities now present themselves that would not have been possible were he still with us. We are trying to look on the bright side, though it comes with a side helping of guilt.

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  1. hilltopkatie 5th August 2013 at 8:36 am #

    Sad news about Griff, I know you’ll miss him.

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