The Blues

I have The Blues today.

  1. Last night I swatched for the second secret knitting project, with a fabulous blue hand-dye of such enormous subtlety that I doubt I would be able to capture it on camera even if I could show you what I am doing. All I can say is that it is stunning and will be worth the wait. Good Blues.
  2. I knew that this project required a cast on of over 250 stitches. Closer examination shows that it requires that cast on EIGHT times. Two down, six to go… Less-good Blues.
  3. The KnitPro parcel has been tracked down, delivered to Hillside despite a request from Gill for her stuff to come here in her absence. We have had a long wait for no good reason and I have to pay the Customs bill today, for goods we have not yet been able to offer for sale. Irritated Blues.
  4. Yesterday I had an unexpected conversation with somebody I previously respected. That conversation took an unpleasant and highly unprofessional turn that took me entirely by surprise. I am still feeling very unsettled, sad, and positively disgruntled about that. Bad Blues. Really down-in-the-dumps-blues.
  5. I’m off to town shortly. The Blue secret knitting will be coming with me on the deep blue sea. All 256 stitches (*4) of it. If you want me, I shall be the one in the Library, with a shopping trolley and yards of blue cast-on trailing around the foyer…

Home about 7pm. Amuse yourselves until then.

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