The Cotton Thing

About a year ago, just after the last Sanday Show, Beth encouraged me to try my hand at knitting cotton lace. I’d always sworn that I’d never knit cotton and never knit lace. Well, the second of those tenets had been well blown away by the time I started The Cotton Thing, so I thought, why not. Beth had some Ebay cotton in her stash, so off I went, starting on 12th August 2011, with the ambition of having the Thing finished and blocked in time for the 2012 Sanday Show on 3rd August.

The start.

I took it south with me a few days later when I travelled to Bristol for my step-father’s 80th birthday. Unfortunately, the day before his birthday, he was taken into hospital and I spent about 10 hours sitting with him and Mum, knitting away, whilst the powers that be decided whether to keep him in or not. In the end they did, and the big family meal took place in Frenchay Hospital’s restaurant, rather than some Carvery somewhere.

Hospital knitting.

There was more knitting time that week as we went to and from the hospital and The Cotton Thing grew! By the beginning of September it looked like this.


After going away with it in October…

…and growing…

There was a gap in the photography at this stage, until January 2012…

…still growing…

…when it was too big to get a full close up.

After this I just kept slogging away at it, more enjoyable than that sounds, until…


I then put it away and sought advice about blocking it to its full advantage. The received wisdom was to use starch, so I bought a box of old-fashioned starch and kept putting off actually doing the deed until today.

Before blocking


And a close up of the blocking.

Up close and personal.

I’m really pleased with the result, hopefully it will look just as good when I unpin it! Hopefully Mum will also like it when she sees it next week.

The pattern is Mommes Lysedug, the cotton was anonymous. Great fun to knit.


4 Responses to “The Cotton Thing”

  1. Liz H 26th July 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    Good luck with it at the show.

    • SpinningGill 26th July 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      Thanks! It’ll be interesting to see if it gets anywhere! 🙂

      • Beth 27th July 2012 at 9:28 am #

        My betting is that it will knock mine into a cocked hat – your blocking is several times better than mine is for a start…

        So is this what you were doing when we were supposed to be working?

        • SpinningGill 27th July 2012 at 9:50 am #

          No, I was cleaning the utility room! I did this when I got fed up with moving the box of starch from A to B and back again!

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