The Intentional Spinner and Knitter

Steel yourselves, dear readers. I am planning a handspun garment. I mean, really and truly going to plan it.

I am going to design the garment to be knitted from two related yarns. One yarn will be a basic plied merino. The other yarn will include a small degree of funk, in the form of a hand-dyed silk element used alongside the base fibre used for yarn #1. It may be a wrapped yarn, or a simple racing stripe, or possibly a slub yarn with a binder thread. It is unlikely to take any form of blending of the two fibres.

The silk is deep-dyed and vibrant. It has red, purple and a lovely forest green in it. Possibly also Gold but I’d need to unearth it to check… Oh, I know… here’s the Etsy pic. It’s a bit bleached out by flash, I think. The actual colours are darker and richer.

Mulberry Silk Fibre PERSIAN CARPET by jacinta11

The merino base yarn will be black… ish.

Now, it is that “ish” that I am looking for guidance and advice on. I am not at all keen on flat black. I was thinking that I would get a custom blend made up at World of Wool. They offer 64’s Merino in Raven, Charcoal and Ash.  I am havering over how to blend it… what proportions to use in order to get a lively black. They also offer Tussah Silk in Raven and I am wondering whether to include that in my custom blend.

At present my proposed mix looks like this:

  • Merino: Raven 62.5%
  • Merino: Charcoal 12.5 %
  • Tussah Silk: Raven 25%

If you have any opinions on the following, I would be interested to hear them:

  • Should I include a grey as light as Ash, or just mix Raven and Charcoal?
  • Will I get more life and interest in my black if I include some silk?
  • Should I go the whole hog and have it passed 5 times through the blending cycle or will 4 times be more attractive?
  • Should I buy 500g and diet?
  • or go for a kilo and cover my happily ample form without distress?
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