The KnitPro Saga

Just to keep everybody up to date on the KnitPro Karbonz. Our delivery is still awaiting collection for return under product recall. As I understand it, replacements will not be sent out until KnitPro have received this lot back.

It seems that, although I had informed KnitPro that the package could be collected at any time, 24/7, DHL have been leaving messages on Gill’s phone to ask us to arrange collection. Gill, of course, has not been home for two weeks.

And so the saga lumbers on. It is all very frustrating – not least because we are very much out of pocket on this. It looks like being several weeks before we can attempt to make good on our outlay, by which time most folks will have done their shopping elsewhere.

I need cheering up. How about telling me a joke? You know where to find the Comments form, do your stuff. Please. I’ll be over there —-> doing my plying.

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  1. Katie 21st July 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Well I’m still after some to try out, and hadn’t got round to ordering any, I’ll keep waiting!

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