The not-very-exciting bit

The weekend progresses, and the house is in a state of uproar. The former railway room is now completely empty. All the staging has been removed and the Polti is currently being deployed. I shall put curtains up in a few minutes time. Some of the railway stuff has made it onto the shelves in my old room (the remainder is in the playroom)  and some of my stuff has made it into the old office (because I had to remove it from the shelves.)

It’s a sliding block puzzle on a giant scale.

The next step is to clear our desks. Mr L will take my left hand desk down to the new office and I will keep his right hand desk up here.

The first priority will be to reassemble for him a working office.

After that, we shall be sliding puzzle blocks for several days to come.

The Kindle cosy is knitted, I have crocheted the seams together (yes!) and it now awaits felting. I cannot see that happening in a hurry. Nor do I see any sock knitting in my immediate future.

Is there anybody out there who has a player piano/pianola? We wish to rehome a very large box of piano rolls. Either that, or acquire another player piano of our own on which to play the rolls.

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