The World’s Longest Toe

You will be pleased to observe that the purpose of this post is not really to discuss my freakish feet…

… it is more to demonstrate my continuing inability to concentrate, by exhibiting some astounding levels of incompetence. You thought scorching yesterday’s potatoes was bad enough? Read on!


Shaky Socks

is the pile of demo socks for the Magic Socks course. They are in differing stages of development, to demonstrate different aspects of socks construction as we come to them.

Note the camera shake. Did I mention astounding levels of incompetence? Yes, I did.

There are four pairs of top-down socks in progress, and one pair of toe-ups – this last pair are being knit two at a time and are for demo-ing at the final session.

Since the latest edition of Sockupied came out, I have been pondering Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel. I believe it may offer the solution to my high-instep problem. I plan to incorporate the heel into the two-at-a-time socks.

As I finalised my demo socks last night it ocurred to me that tomorrow is in fact the better time to show the heel option.

Fast forward.


BFL Sock

is the nude BFL sock yarn that I got from World of Wool last year.

I dyed one skein in our shared indigo vat last summer. I elected to use it for one more sock sample. As I was going to go toe-up, I split the skein into two.

I set my swift up on my scales and zeroed them. Then I added the skein. It weighed 103 grams. I watched the scales carefully as I wound the yarn off until I had 51 grams remaining on the swift.


Shaky Balls

is the result. One 49 gram ball and one 54 gram ball.

What? How did that happen?

Note the camera shake – a double dose of incompetence this time.

So, I am starting with the smaller ball. No doubt it will turn out in the end that I actually picked up the larger of the two, but only time will reveal if I really am that incompetent…

The sock pattern is from Cat’s eBook: Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks – and I am making the Victorian Birdcage Socks.

I cast on for the toe, following Cat’s directions. I’ve done Judy’s Magic Cast-on before. Cat’s version for an enclosed toe is simple, fast and effective. I shall use it again. The toe shaping is a round one. Only time will tell if it will suit my freakish feet any better than the standard wedge. I doubt it. All the same, it pays to extend one’s repertoire…

Off I went, concentrating hard and knitting like fury: “got to get a move on if these are to be at the heel by tomorrow… got to get a move on…

At the same time, I was extolling, via Skype, the virtues of the cast-on to Gill. That and simultaneously cooking lunch, of course.

The toe was up to 68 stitches when I realised that all the way back at Round 10, I should have switched to knitting two rows plain between increase rows.

I tinked it back, checked the oven, and set off again… “got to get a move on if these are to be at the heel by tomorrow… got to get a move on…

I looked up from my work, checked the pattern and noted that at Round 18: “Repeat (k7, kfb, k7, kfb, k8) twice — 52 sts” EEP! I’d just gone ahead doing the increases straight until the end.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

I tinked back to the beginning of Round 18, and I set off once more “got to get a move on if these are to be at the heel by tomorrow… got to get a move on…

Thankfully, it did not take long to realise that I had actually been correct before. Another reading showed:

Round 18: Size 2: Repeat (k7, kfb, k7, kfb, k8) twice — 52 sts.
Skip to “Foot.” All other sizes: Repeat (k7, kfb) 6 times — 54 sts.

Tink, tink, tinketty tink…

All in all, that toe took hours longer than it should have, and all because I failed to sit and read the pattern properly before starting –  instead of careering off believing that I knew what to do.

The toe is now knitted correctly but is far too short for my foot. I am knitting several plain rows before commencing the pattern as I do not like ribbing over my toes.

Wish me luck – the chances of getting into the heel by 1pm tomorrow are now looking slim. I shall do my best to concentrate. Unfortunately the pattern is not very clearly written and as we know, my wits are not about me this week.

On the bright side – I do like the sock yarn very much indeed. It knits to a nice fabric on 2.5mm needles and is soft and cushy.

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