There and back again

The trip to town on Friday was a little arduous. It was warm and sticky in Kirkwall, but windy and battling the shopping trolley was seriously hard work. I walked to the far end of town and then decided to drop the shopping that I had already done back at the ferry before venturing back again to Tesco. It was just as well because my trolley was way overloaded and I had a bag full as well. Had the original shopping still been with me I would have been unable to get myself back to the ferry. I was pretty well done in by the time that I got back to the boat. It was only 4pm but I really felt that I lacked the strength to get as far as the waiting room for a sit-down, so I just stood there… wondering why so many people were there so early. Then I overheard a conversation “I hope we can get on…” and realised that I had completely forgotten that passengers exceed supply of seats sometimes when we are on a 2 boat operation. My heart sank.

Fortunately I was in a good position and made it on to the boat.

I had been working on my Rivington on the way to mainland and I got it out again to work on the way home. I sat and I knitted. I knitted and I knitted. I had done 3 points before it sank in – we had not left the dock yet, and it was 5 pm.  Twenty minutes late already and all I wanted was just to be home – though we were going to Eday before sailing to Sanday.

Perhaps my concentration wandered. I knitted on and knitted on and found myself struggling. I was sitting opposite I, who said that my concentration was lapsing. I said so was my coordination. I put my knitting down; obviously I was overtired and should just take a break. I was chatting away to I and suddenly noticed a free loop. I had dropped a stitch somewhere. Whoops. I gaily declared that I would just work backwards for a bit. So I did, for a long bit, because I somehow kept managing to unravel further stitches as I went.

I think that I have all my stitches on the needle now but I haven’t dared look yet, and I certainly have no idea which row of the pattern that I landed up on. I estimate that I went backwards through at least 2 full repeats.

Once I have ensured that all is well and know where I am up to, I’ll take a WIP pic to add to this post.

Edging the Rivington

Edging the Rivington

Yesterday was spent in the kitchen, making dainty Chinese goodies for a Dim Sum feast. It was fun but I did wonder why I can happily spend a whole day preparing one meal that is gone in twenty minutes. The pot stickers were particularly yummy, but the Bao were not as good as they might have been.

We followed our celebration meal up with the holiday special Guardian Prize Crossword, which kept us busy from 8 pm until approaching 11 pm – and we still only filled in one of the two grids! We have most of the answers for grid two and will hopefully fill that in tonight.


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