Thinning Out

Until today, we were without Gorm. However, today we got Gorm (provided by Gill), so we are no longer Gormless. I trust. You may have other opinions, of course. More Gorm would be useful but I think the delivery costs make that idea prohibitive. I shall be suggesting that we construct some ersatz Gorm instead.

Shelving having been procured and assembled, it is now time to start rearranging stuff, filling shelves and maybe, just maybe, carrying out a little further de-stuffing.

In short – work progresses, although there is as yet no end in sight. The Pub has been mentioned. Perhaps when we feel that the treat has been deserved…

Today began too early. Before either breakfast or shower, Mr L was rolling around in eight inches of fibre glass, attempting in the dark to find a small hole. I was on downstairs duty, poking a knitting needle through said hole, in order to help the man detect it. I wandered up to my new space, where the Sanday Spinners bat phone rang at me. That was a surprise. Anyway, a very nice order resulted, although it left an increasingly crusty mate in the fibre glass.

Eventually  the job was done and an adequate data speed was obtained in the new office.


We had cinnamon and nectarine pancakes, with maple syrup, to celebrate. Then we went round to Hillside to collect the Sanday Spinners’ Gorm shelves.

Now I am clearly procrastinating. I keep going next door to think about how to move stuff, then coming out again to ponder some more. It is all making me feel very exhausted. At some point I shall actually need to do some work.

The thing is, we need to be ready in plenty of time for the next Sanday Soulka…

How is quite another matter. I fear that we shall still be looking much like a very untidy warehouse.

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  1. SpinningGill 5th June 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    Don’t for get that there is more Gorm here. I doubt we’ll need all of them. 🙂

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